BASNET is the most developed scientific computer network of the Republic of Belarus. It is a base network of the United Scientific and Information Computer Network of the Republic of Belarus which also includes the network of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the network of Belarusian State University.

 Operator of the academic network BASNET is the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

BASNET provides the network services to the institutions of NAS of Belarus and other scientific, educational and state-financed organizations.

There are 105 corporate users in BASNET, including:

56 research institutes;

10 universities;

14 state and regional libraries.

 Corporative library network of the Republic of Belarus, ground-based segment of the Belarusian Space system of the remote sensing of the Earth and the National grid network are functioning on the basis of BASNET.

 BASNET is one of 8 republic networks providing an access to the United Republic Network of Data Exchange and the services of the National Center of Electronic Services.

 BASNET is the sole network in the Republic of Belarus which provides the autonomous access to the worldwide networks through the pan-European scientific network GÉANT, which unites 50 000 000 users in more than 10 000 research and educational organizations in 40 countries of Europe. Current bandwidth of the channel from BASNET to GÉANT and Internet is 10 Gbps.

 BASNET is based on fifteen network nodes, connected by high-speed optical fiber channels with total length over 80 km and data transfer rate up to 10 Gbps.

 BASNET is a member of the European Internet Registry (RIPE) and it governs IP address space as a LIR. It supports second-level domains “”, “”, “”, “”, “”.

 Advantages of BASNET services:

    -  fee is charged only for the access to the external networks;

    -  free of charge network communication at the highest speed between all organizations connected to the United
Scientific and Information Computer Network and BASNET.

 External communication channels:

    -  to GÉANT network — 10 Gbps;

    -  to the node of the United Scientific and Information Computer Network traffic exchange — 10 Gbps;

    -  to the node of national traffic exchange — 1 Gbps.

 BASNET takes part in the international projects:

    -  EaPConnect (2015-2020) — project to create and develop regional infrastructure for the science and education in the countries of the Eastern Partnership

    -  GÉANT4 phase 2 (2016-2018) — research and innovation program to develop the scientific and educational network GÉANT